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I’m trying to think of some kind of comedic intro to Sexy Hub. How about we hark back to wagon-train days? I picture hip pioneers pimping out their covered wagons, wrapping the spokes of their wheels with gold leaves and putting diamonds in the center. I can just hear some admiring pioneer saying, “Yo, get a load of the wheels on Jeb’s wagon. Damn, boy, those hubs are sexy!”

All right, I know that isn’t my most hilarious reference, but luckily this SexyHub joke isn’t central to my review. It’s just the intro before we get to what truly counts here – the facts. For starters I’ll tell you that you’re getting five sites: Massage RoomsDane JonesMom XXXLesbea and Girlfriends XXX. They bring you a mix of straight and lesbian hardcore, with teens to matures.

I think the massage site is my favorite. There’s just something about two glistening bodies sliding all over each other that had me working out more than a few kinks and releasing all kinds of tension. I appreciate that not only do many a masseur use their magic fingers (and dicks) on female customers, but more than one masseuse uses her hands (and mouth and pussy) to pleasure a man or woman. Sometimes a threesome unfolds.

Combined, the sites bring you 1,872 movies and they’re all available in a Full HD format. There are also other bandwidths on offer. You’re welcome to stream them, too. Many comes with photos and you’ll find 1,812 galleries. When you click a thumbnail it opens up a smaller version in an embedded slideshow, so it can fit most monitors. Click the center o enlarge the window and you’ll get a high-res version. For even larger ones, download the “large” Zip files.

You can track all your favorites, like or dislike a scene and post comments. The content can be sorted by most liked, most viewed, date and alphabetically by title. You won’t find an advanced search engine, but there are tags to go along with all the flicks and pics. You’ll find model tags linked too and you can also browse via a model index that lists both genders.

A problem with this mega-site and the individual sites is that it’s a bit of a pain to browse all the scenes. They’re always spread across a number of pages and you can’t jump to specific ones, with the exception of the very first and last page. Still, you’re getting new content every single day. Some of the sites are updating more often than others, but they all seem to be growing. At any rate, you already have lots of great porn to enjoy, making Sexy Hub worth every penny.

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  • Full HD videos
  • exclusive content
  • daily updates


  • no advanced search
  • limited pagination while browsing
  • limited trial


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